My first blog post…eeek!!

I’m probably way more excited about this then you are….for reals why would you be excited to read MY posts about Mary Kay??? Well you SHOULD be! I absolutely love Mary Kay products. I’ve even forced them on my kids, family and friends…LOL, I kid! They love the products too. Even my youngest child likes to play “dress up” with her makeup. We ALL love the body wash + shave gel. It smells sooooo good! (<–Product insight right there) Don’t you wish you could scratch and sniff online? Wouldn’t that make buying perfume amazing?! Google Nose.  (<– Life insight)

Ok, so what am I going to provide on this blog anyway? I know you’re thinking it, I just said it out loud for you. I do tend to throw things out there that other people are smart enough to hold back. Yeah, not me. I just throw it out there and then think oh my heavens that was bad bad bad….

So you’ll get entertainment. You’ll get product insights (1 and counting). I’ll talk about my favorite MK products along with the new products coming out and the uh oh going away products. I’ll offer you specials because I’m super nice. I am nice. Seriously. I’ll share application tips that I have. I’ll share tips about life (counting…1), kids, work, dating. I’m very insightful. I’m probably very insightful? I mean I’m 38. I’ve LIVED dammit.

Alright so here is where the awkward ending comes in. Pregnant pause…. (Totally not pregnant up in hurr) Ok so yeah, I’ll get better at these endings I promise! 🙂 Until next time!

Oh and I’d love to hear from you…ideas, comments, questions. And GO!


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