Coconut Oil, not so great

I bet you’re thinking, “I thought coconut oil was supposed to be amazing for EVERYTHING?!” Well so did I until yesterday. We were having a lazy Saturday. One kid watching Netflix, one kid on the ipad watching youtube and I was upstairs watching Amazon. It was pretty clear we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon but in my mindless scrolling of pinterest (because who can just simply sit and watch tv anymore?) I saw a cute eye look I wanted to try.

Prior to pinterest (or maybe in between) I had looked at the benefits of putting coconut oil in your hair. I have really long hair and had noticed the ends were splitting kind of bad. The website suggested you could put a small amount of coconut oil in the palm of your hands and rub it together to warm it up and apply to your hair mid-shaft and down.

I finished watching “The Dressmaker”, which is an oddly interesting movie and got a shower so I could begin my projects. I applied, what I thought was a small amount of coconut oil, to my freshly washed hair and then did the whole blow dry for an hour thing so I could straighten it. My hair is naturally curly/wavy/crazy and it’s just easier to manage when it’s straight.

So I start straightening my hair and am committed to this now when I realize the heat from the straightener is doing something funky with the coconut oil….like it feels super greasy! Naturally I assume once it cools down it will go back to being normal looking so I continue to straighten.

Well as you can imagine, because I’m writing about how coconut oil is not ALWAYS amazing, my hair did NOT go back to normal. Oddly enough, it made my roots really greasy even though I hadn’t even applied the coconut oil there! I looked like I hadn’t washed my hair in about 2 weeks!!! Not that I’ve ever not washed my hair for two weeks lol but it was bad and what I a. Of course now I’m like 2 hours into doing my hair and determined I’m going to fix this. So I grab my bath towel and ran sections of hair through it. I told myself it’d helped a little and grabbed a paper towel and ran that through my hair too.

At this point “screw it” was the theme for my hair do and I started working on the cool eye look I’d found….

Isn’t it so pretty?! I love it but found getting a white shadow applied in a thick manner and keeping it looking thick isn’t easy. So here is my final greasy hair cute eye look lol…

If you’ve ever tried to take a close up selfie to really show off your makeup, you know it’s extremely hard! You can click on the images to see a bigger version, but it looked really cute in person 🙂

So maybe coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner would work if you don’t use heat on your hair after applying it? Any comments on that??? I’ll have to try that the next time and just go curly with abandonment.

signatureheart Tammy


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