Pink Friday Special…er Super Saturday Special

I typically post a Pink Friday Special in my Facebook VIP Group…however I got my daughter’s head cold for my birthday and I also didn’t get an acknowledgment of my birthday from the guy I was dating sooooooo needless to say it’s been wonderful. Happy 39th!!! It actually hasn’t been horrible. I did have a great day and it was also my daughter’s birthday so it was a lot of fun celebrating them together. HE was just a bump in the road that I needed to get past once and for all. The lack of remembering my birthday was just the final idiot moment I was not up to dealing with.

So anyway, happy Saturday friends! My head is slightly clearer today so I’ve posted a Super Saturday Special…ingenious I know to go from Pink Friday to Super Saturday. It’s a bogo, buy 1 get 1 half off and if you’ve never used Mary Kay Foundation Primer or Mary Kay Makeup Setting Spray you have GOT to use this deal.


The primer helps to “fill in” wrinkles, has SPF15, dries quickly, and helps seal in your moisturizer so it stays UNDER your makeup and it also absorbs oil! Apply the primer prior to applying your foundation, CC Cream, whatever you’re using. You’ll also notice it makes the application of your foundation smoother.

The setting spray helps keep your makeup looking like you just applied it for hours and hours. I’ve used this when I know I’m going to be gone for a long time or going to be outside when it’s hot out….think outdoor concert! You spray this on after you’ve applied all your foundation, eye makeup, blush and powder. It may seem a little odd to spray a liquid on your finished look but once you try it, you’ll love it!

As always, shoot me a message, email or text if you have any questions! I’d love to hear from you.

Order online anytime at

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