Melt-proof Your Makeup

It’s summer!! YAY! I love warmer weather and being outside in the sun…but my makeup is another story. I’m combination/oily anyway so being out in humid weather with the sun on my face doesn’t exactly do great things for my skin and makeup.

First things first, primer. EVERYWHERE. Foundation Primer puts a barrier between the oil on your skin and your makeup. It also fills in fine lines & wrinkles so holla and has SPF 15! There is also Eye Primer. This stuff will keep your shadow and your liner IN PLACE FOR DAYS. Literally. I’ve fallen asleep and woken up with the same color on my lids that I went out in. Yes, I sometimes fall asleep in my makeup. BAD MARY KAY CONSULTANT! Truth is, I don’t do my full face unless I’m going out and even at my old age that typically means I’m not getting home until late and I certainly don’t feel like washing my face. I need wipes or something. Anyway. Moving on.

Here’s where the next product comes in and this stuff is amazing. Makeup Finishing Spray. It quickly dries and washes off easily and the best part….it extends your makeup up to 16 HOURS. Boom.

Spray it on before your foundation to create a base. Spray it on after your foundation to create a barrier. Spray some more on after your blush & translucent power to create a cement-like barrier….ha! Again, not kidding. You’ll love it.  Not hot and humid out? Spray on after your powders and it’ll seal the deal.


  • Ready Set Foundation Primer/Finishing Spray $36 – Buy Now Here
  • Foundation Primer $18 – Buy Now Here
  • Eye Primer $12 – Buy Now Here
  • Finishing Spray $18 – Buy Now Here


Want to order directly through me, fill out the form below:


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