Two FREE masks! (Yes, free!)

What if I told you there was a sale at your local Ulta/Sephora where you could get $418 worth of “stuff” for $100?  Would you jump in your car as fast as you could even with your goofy leggings and sweatshirt on and your hair pulled up in that stylish (not really stylish when you do it) bun? Heck yes, you would!!!! We all would. It’d be traffic madness in the parking lot! (Black Friday nightmares….yikes)

Well, unfortunately, that’s never going to happen. *Sniffles* HOWEVER, I didn’t get you all excited for nothing! Mary Kay seriously offers you this deal. Whaaaat? Trust me, I KNOW. You get a super cute starter kit bag (for real, it’s adorable) and it’s filled with FULL SIZE PRODUCTS. A lot of them. 

And you can get a 50% DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING YOU ORDER. No typo there ladies. We have the highest commission rate of any DS.

I can go on with all the goodies you’ll be getting for $100 but the title says 2 FREE MASKS. I haven’t even included those in that $418 total I gave you. For the rest of the month of NOVEMBER, you get a FREE CHARCOAL MASK and a FREE MOISTURE RENEWING GEL MASK (hello blissfulness). If you haven’t tried either – well, my friend, these are yours for free OR sell them and you can make up half the cost of the kit.

This is really a no brainer, it just takes some guts to say “Yes, Tammy, sign this chick UP! I want free stuff!”  If you’ve never owned your own business or you’ve never done direct sales, I understand. It can be a little intimidating – but I can assure you, this is a great opportunity. Just get on Facebook…EVERYONE is selling SOMETHING. Why shouldn’t you get in on it?  What’s the worst that could happen? You get a bunch of free product, a cute bag and lots of potential? If you make your initial investment and decide that you don’t really know anyone that has skin or you don’t really know anyone that would want to give Mary Kay a try or everyone you talk to has never even HEARD of Mary Kay (this has never happened to me btw) then you’re under no obligation to make extra money and get deeply discounted high quality products. Girl Scout promise.

So what’s the starter kit look like anyway and what all comes in it? StartSomethingBeautiful_NewKitThis. It’s beautiful isn’t it? You get full size products as well as supplies and training material. You get everything you’d need to have a skin care class, but don’t feel like that’s necessary to make money. You get access to online training from the Mary Kay University.  You can also attend weekly training events local to you! AND! Tax deductions for owning your own business. Plus, you get to ask me any random questions that you may have and I won’t think you’re weird. Ok well maybe a little šŸ™‚

This really is a fabulous opportunity! Click here to learn more:

If you’d like to chat on the phone, contact me with the form below and I’ll reach out to you as soon as I can! Let’s get you started on your Mary Kay journey!



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